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State Team Photographs

Even to this day, players who turn out for WA's state team get a copy of a commemorative team photograph to take away with them. And this apparently started with the very first state team, back in 1904. So, there are plenty of different photos to track down and, usually, only players and administrators will have them. The problem is in working out how many there were each season. When a WA state team travelled interstate and played multiple games, there was usually just one photo for that team. But when WA stayed in Perth and teams from two other states visited (often SA and Victoria), there were sometimes two different WA teams chosen (and two different photos). As you can see from the list below, I'm still chasing plenty of team photos.

1904 (Vic & SA)

1908 Carnival

1910 (WA v Port Adelaide)

1911 (WA v WA 2nd XVIII)

1911 Carnival

1912 (WA v Goldfields League)

1913 (WA v Goldfields)

1913 (WA v First Rates)

1913 (WA v Port Adelaide)

1914 (WA v WA 2nd XVIII)

1914 Carnival
1914 (WA 2nd XVIII v Norwood)

1920 (WA v Sturt)

1921 Carnival

1922 (WA v Fitzroy)

1923 (WA v SA)

1923 (SA v WA)

1924 Carnival

1924 (WA 2nd XVIII v North Adelaide)

1924 (WA 2nd XVIII v Essendon)

1925 (WA v SA)

1925 (Vic & SA Touring Team)

1926 (SA v WA)

1926 (WA v Vic)

1926 (WA v SA)

1927 Carnival

1927 (WA 2nd XVIII v Collingwood)

1928 (Vic, Canberra, SA Touring Team)

1929 (WA v Vic)

1929 (WA v SA)

1930 Carnival

1933 Carnival (formal team photo, dress uniform photo and photo on ground)

1934 (WA v SA)

1935 (WA v Vic)

1935 (SA v WA in Adelaide)

1935 (2nd XVIII v Goldfields)

1936 (WA v SA)

1937 Carnival

1938 (WA v SA)

1938 (Vic & SA Touring Team)

1938 (WA 2nd XVIII v St Kilda)

1939 (WA v Vic)

1946 (WA v SA)
1947 (2nd XVIII v Essendon)

1947 Carnival

1948 (WA v Vic)

1949 (Vic, NSW & SA Touring Team)

1949 (WA v SA)

1949 (2nd XVIII v Canberra)

1949 (2nd XVIII v Richmond)

1950 Carnival

1950 (2nd XVIII v South Melbourne)

1951 (WA v Vic)

1952 (Vic & SA Touring Team) (big photo and small photo)

1952 (WA v SA)

1953 Carnival (big photo and small photo)

1953 (2nd XVIII v North Melbourne)

1954 (WA v Vic)

1955 (Vic & SA Touring Team)

1955 (2nd XVIII v Essendon)

1955 (WA v SA)

1956 Carnival

1957 (WA v Vic)

1958 Carnival

1959 (Vic, Tas & SA Touring Team)

1959 (WA v SA)

1959 (2nd XVIII v Hawthorn)

1960 (WA v Vic)

1961 Carnival

1961 (2nd XVIII v Essendon)

1962 (Vic & SA Touring Team)

1962 (WA v SA)

1963 (WA v Vic & Tas)

1964 (Vic, Tas & SA Touring Team)

1964 (WA v SA in Perth)

1965 (WA v Vic in Perth)

1965 (WA v VFA in Perth)

1966 (Hobart Carnival)

1967 (Vic v WA in Melbourne)

1967 (SA v WA in Adelaide)

1968 (WA v Vic in Perth)

1968 (SA v WA in Adelaide)

1969 Adelaide Carnival

1970 (Victoria and Tasmania Touring Team)

1970 (WA v SA in Perth)

1971 (WA v Victoria in Perth)

1971 (SA in Adelaide)

1972 Perth Carnival

1973 (Victoria v WA in Melbourne)

1973 (SA v WA in Perth) ?

1974 (WA v Victoria in Perth)

1974 (SA v WA in Adelaide)

1975 (Vic v WA in Melbourne)

1976 (WA v Vic in Perth)

1977 (WA v Vic in Perth)

1977 (WA v SA in Perth)

1977 (WA v Vic State of Origin in Perth)

1978 (WA v Vic State of Origin in Perth)

1978 (SA v WA in Adelaide)

1978 (Vic v WA in Melbourne)

1979 (WA v SA in Perth)

1979 Perth Carnival

1980 (Vic v WA in Melbourne)

1980 (SA v WA in Adelaide)

1980 Adelaide Carnival

1980 (Vic v WA State of Origin in Melbourne)

1981 (WA v SA in Perth)

1981 (WA v Vic State of Origin in Perth)

1982 ?

1983 (WA v SA in Perth)

1984 (WA v Vic in Perth)

1985-1989 ?

1990 (SA in Adelaide)

1992 (WA v SA)

1995 (Allies v WA)

1997 (WA v Allies)

Other Team Photos I Have

1897 West Perth

1902 South Fremantle Juniors (Third Rate Junior Association)

1921 East Fremantle

1922 Fremantle Sports

1922/7 West Perth B-Grade (without officials)

1922/7 West Perth B-Grade (with officials)

1924 Claremont-Cottesloe B-Grade

1926 Victoria (v WA)

1927 WA State Schoolboys

1927 Claremont-Cottesloe B-Grade

1928 East Fremantle (Eastern States Tour)

1930 West Perth Association

1932 East Fremantle

1932 West Perth

1938 WA Amateur State Team

1946 East Fremantle

1947 East Fremantle Seconds

1947 Subiaco (Eastern States Tour)

1947 West Perth

1947 West Perth Colts (Reserves)

1949 East Fremantle Second Eighteen

1949 Subiaco Police Boys (Cobbers Grade)

1950 East Fremantle

1950 Claremont

1951 West Perth

1951 West Perth

1951 Mt Hawthorn Metropolitan Juniors

1951 Fremantle Ex Scholars

1951 East Fremantle

1952 Palmyra-East Fremantle Ex Scholars

1952 East Fremantle Juniors (Under 15s)

1952 Fremantle District Ex Scholars Combined Side

1952 Fremantle Ex Scholars

1956 East Fremantle Seconds

1956 Mosman Park Ex Scholars

1956 Subiaco

1957 East Fremantle

1959 Subiaco 

1960 East Fremantle

1967 Perth

1978 Western Australia Teal Cup

1981 Western Australia Teal Cup

1981 Claremont

1982 CBC Colts

1984 Australia (v Ireland)

1985 West Perth

Unidentified PJFC

Unidentified CBC

Unidentified West Perth circa 1920s