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Believe it or not, there have been plenty of card sets issued over the years featuring teams or players from the WAFL. Sure, there haven't been anywhere near as many as there have been for the VFL, but cards have been a staple of the WA collecting scene since the early days of football in this state.

The first known cards (excluding postcards) were issued in 1907 by cigarette manufacturers Sniders & Abrahams and featured the 56 best players (and umpires) of the day. The sepia set was so popular that Sniders & Abrahams issued a set of 60 cards the following year, this time in colour.

This page only deals with trading and cigarette cards, but you will find details about WAFL postcards, newspaper supplements/tear-outs and stickers & decals on other pages.

My thanks must go to Damien Green, whose football cards website is a bible for card collectors. Some of the information and photographs have come from his site.

Below is a list of known WAFL cards. Those I have in my collection are crossed through, while those I am chasing have been highlighted in red. Feel free to get in touch if you are looking for any more information about anything below or if you can help me with anything from my list.

If you click on some of the photographs, you will be able to view other cards in that particular set (once I have uploaded them all, anyway).


1907 Sniders & Abrahams (Standard Cigarettes) WAFL Cards

The first known set of football cards issued in Western Australia was manufactured by cigarette company Sniders & Abrahams, which owned the Standard Cigarettes brand, in 1907. Featuring the 56 best players (and umpires) of the day, the first evidence of this set's existence is found in an advertisement in the Sunday Times of 9 June, 1907. A week later, in an article, the Sunday Times reported: "Public interest in the national game is fully aroused and the whole community are eagerly watching the games and the players. In view of this fact, the action taken by the enterprising proprietors of the 'Standard' cigarettes will meet with general approval. Each packet of these cigarettes will contain an artistic photograph of some prominent and favourite West Australian footballer, the present series including those of nearly all the senior Metropolitan, Fremantle and Midland Junction players. These will be hailed with pleasure by players and supporters alike, and the undoubted effect will be to still further popularise the fine old game. A similar procedure in the Eastern States was very successful, and there is no reason to doubt that the public of this State will be equally pleased." Despite following in the footsteps of the Victorian sets issued by Standard Cigarettes, these cards do not resemble any of the previous sets. They measure about 39mm x 68mm.

D Christy - East Fremantle
H Doig - East Fremantle
S Doig - East Fremantle
D Heindricks - East Fremantle
H Sharpe - East Fremantle
R Sweetman - East Fremantle
TC Wilson - East Fremantle
H Acklin - East Perth
J Hesketh - East Perth
J Wollard - East Perth
W Brittain - Midland Junction
L Crowl - Midland Junction
L Davey - Midland Junction
H Dention - Midland Junction
R Denton - Midland Junction
C Gast - Midland Junction
C Kruger - Midland Junction
G Loveridge - Midland Junction
L Peno - Midland Junction
G Robertson - Midland Junction
E Cooper - North Fremantle
B Craig - North Fremantle
J Gibson - North Fremantle
G Munro - North Fremantle
J Touhy - North Fremantle
E Woods - North Fremantle
L Cherry - Perth
Reg Cherry - Perth

Alex Clarke - Perth
A Ferguson - Perth
G Moysey - Perth
H Sheppard - Perth
Diver Dunn - South Fremantle
W Goddard - South Fremantle
H Hodge - South Fremantle
Harvey Kelly - South Fremantle
S Mattison - South Fremantle
Albert Trimm - South Fremantle
W Bennett - Subiaco
J Griffen - Subiaco
J Jackson - Subiaco
J Randall - Subiaco
J Thompson - Subiaco
E Ward - Subiaco
H Ward - Subiaco
C Wildy - Subiaco
FH Wildy - Subiaco
Ivo Crapp - Umpire
I Kennedy - Umpire
H Rowe - West Perth
J Diprose - West Perth
J Everett - West Perth
A Ford - West Perth
J Jeffrey - West Perth
A Kneale - West Perth
A Strickland - West Perth

1908 Sniders & Abrahams (Standard Cigarettes) WAFL Cards

The second set of WAFL cards released under the Standard Cigarettes brand looked very much like the cards issued for the VFL. But, unlike the first set of cards issued in WA, these were in colour. They were also made more interesting by the inclusion of players from the Goldfields league, which banded together with the WAFL to send a state team to the first national carnival, held in Victoria, in 1908. There were 60 coloured cards in this set, which tend to fetch higher prices than the sepia set that was issued in 1907.

Bendigo Vernon - Boulder City
Hoxie Mann - Boulder City
P Matson - Boulder City
G Renwick - Boulder City
A Robinson - Boulder City
J Shea - Boulder City
Pat Shea - Boulder City
David Christy - East Fremantle
S Parsons - East Fremantle
H Sharpe - East Fremantle
R Sweetman - East Fremantle
TC WIlson - East Fremantle
A Andrews - East Perth
J Kennedy - East Perth
W Loughridge - East Perth
F Oliver - East Perth
J Savage - Midland Junction
T Bowen - Midland Junction
A Fisher - Midland Junction
G Jamieson - Midland Junction
C Williams - Midland Junction
A Patterson - Mines Rovers
R Polglaise - Mines Rovers
RG Robertson - Mines Rovers
T Smythe - Mines Rovers
WA Truscott - Mines Rovers
SB Gravenall - North Fremantle
HE Kenworthy - North Fremantle
P Mitchell - North Fremantle
W Smith - North Fremantle
J Sumpter - North Fremantle
Reg Cherry - Perth
Alex Clark - Perth
A Ferguson - Perth
J Leckie - Perth
W Orr - Perth
R Southee - Perth
O Winton - Perth
C Tyson - Railways
G Tyson - Railways
J Tyson - Railways
W Tyson - Railways
J Abercrombie - Sth Fremantle
E Bromley - South Fremantle
Diver Dunn - South Fremantle
W Franklin - South Fremantle
L Pierce - South Fremantle
H Geise - Subiaco
W Hennah - Subiaco
A Hosking - Subiaco
J Randall - Subiaco
Alf Debman - Warriors
Billy Metherall - Warriors
Doc Metherall - Warriors
Tish Metherall - Warriors
J Balme - West Perth
J Diprose - West Perth
J Everett - West Perth
J Jeffray - West Perth
F O'Callaghan - West Perth

1923 Suburban Premium Issues

These cards were not of the highest quality and came with a purchase from various Perth retailers, though it's not known how different retailers came to be involved in the one card set. Little is known about these cards because only 14 of them have ever been seen by collectors. The cards themselves had a token on the bottom, which was designed to be clipped off. Once a person collected 50 of these tokens, they could exchange them for a ticket to the picture theatre. But the rest of the card was for the collector. On the back of the card was the player's name and an advertisement for the retailer. The three known retailers involved with the set were Subiaco grocers Munyard & Kenworthy, Subiaco haidresser Jack Briggs, and Subiaco confectioner & caterer GW Dryers, but it is expected that other small retailers also issued them. Interestingly, all three known retailers were in Rokeby Rd, Subiaco, giving rise to the possiblity that they were only issued by shops in the Subiaco area. Sadly, I don't have any in my collection and would love some photographs/scans of any of these cards, if you are able to help.

Dinny Coffey (EF)

Fred "Fat" Ion (EF)

Ernie "Ike" Allen (EP)

Reginald Brentnall (EP)

William Hilton (EP)

Henry Grigg (P)

Cyril Hoft (P)

Leo McComish (P)

Wilfred Brophy (S)

Arthur Green (S)

George Blundell (WP)

Harold Boyd (WP)

Jack Clark (WP)

Ted Flemming (WP)


1924 PALS Periodical Photographs (0 of 1 Needed)

Two years after printing caricatures of footballers in the pages of its magazine for boys, the PALS Periodical was at it again, this time publishing small photographs of 27 Australian sporting stars. There were 15 footballers in the group, including East Fremantle's William "Nipper" Truscott. The photographs were designed to be cut out to form small trading cards, but they were usually roughly cut and look amateurish, as a result.

William "Nipper" Truscott


1932 Plaistowe & Co Football Toffee WAFL Cards (10 of 80 Needed)

These cards were made by confectioners Plaistowe & Co in 1932, featuring the best players from across the WAFL. They are poorly made on low-quality paper and measure about 40mm x 62mm (though the size can vary). The company issued 40 cards along with its toffee products, but found them so popular that a second series of 40 was issued later. Its not known whether the second series was issued the same year or in 1933. The second series features the players' names on the front of the cards, making them easy to differentiate from those in the first series at just a glance. I have also found them much more difficult to obtain, and five remain unseen by collectors. I now have a full set of the first series, but am always looking for cards in better condition and, of course, the cards I am missing from the second series.

01 Frank Hopkins (WP) - F. Hopkins
02 Leslie Dewar (P) - A.Dewar
03 Wilf Brophy - Subiaco (W. Brophy)
04 Richard Lawn - East Perth (R. Lawn)
05 Victor Booth - East Perth (V. Booth)
06 Dave Woods - East Fremantle (D Woods)
07 Harold Bancroft - Subiaco (H. Bancroft)
08 Jock Laurie - East Fremantle (J. Laurie)
09 Stewart Daily - Subiaco (S. Daily) 
10 Wyburn Taylor - East Fremantle (W. Taylor)
11 James Morgan - West Perth (J. Morgan)
12 Brian Ryan - East Perth (B. Ryan)
13 Jerry Dolan - East Fremantle (J. Dolan)
14 Peter Mackay - Subiaco (P. Mackay)
15 Henry Gepp - Claremont-Cott (H. Gepp)
16 Max Tetley - West Perth (M. Tetley)
17 Keith Hough - Claremont-Cott (K. Hough)
18 Arthur Kingsbury (EF) - A. Kingsbury
19 Jim Doig - South Fremantle (J. Doig)
20 Doug Oliphant - Perth (D. Oliphant)
21 Norm McDiarmid (WP) - N. McDiarmid
22 Graham Little - East Perth (G. Little)
23 John Munro - East Fremantle (J. Munro)
24 William Bant - Subiaco (W. Bant)
25 Val Sparrow - East Perth (V. Sparrow)
26 Ted Tyson - West Perth (E. Tyson)
27 Bill Rainoldi - West Perth (W. Rainoldi)
28 Herb Screaigh - East Perth (H. Screaigh)
29 Angus Richardson (S) - A. Richardson
30 Albert Shepherd - Perth (A. Shepherd)
31 Paddy Fitzgerald - Perth (P. Fitzgerald)
32 Billy James - East Fremantle (W. James)
33 Cyril Jennings (SF) - C. Jennings
34 Mick Cronin - East Perth (M. Cronin)
35 Bill Holt - South Fremantle (W. Holt)
36 Bob Moloney (CC) - R. Moloney
37 Jack Delfs - South Fremantle (J. Delfs)
38 Ray Lucas - Perth (R. Lucas)
39 Jack Cashman - West Perth (J. Cashman)
40 Alan Johnston - Perth (A. Johnston)
41 Howard Boys (CC) - H. Boys *
42 Arthur Ashton (SF) - A. Ashton *
43 Alex Pead (SF) - A. Pead
44 Alan Jeffrey (CC) - A. Jeffery ***
45 Arthur Retell (SF) - A. Retell
46 George White (SF) - G. White*
47 Lawrence Robertson (SF) - L. Robertson *
48 George Metherell (EF) - G. Metherell
49 Ernie Dingwall (C) - E. Dingwall *
50 Unknown Player
51 Frank Merson (SF) - F. Merson *
52 Robert Bennett - East Perth (R. Bennett)
53 Laurance Garnaut - East Perth (L. Garnaut)
54 Fred Batt - Claremont -Cottesloe (F. Batt)
55 Alan Steward - Claremont-Cott (A. Steward)
56 Dan Snashall - Subiaco (D. Snashall) *
057 Cecil Rowland (EF) - C. Rowland *
058 Bill Collins (SF) - W. Collins
059 Dick Lovegrove (CC) - E.A. Lovegrove ***
060 Ted Flemming (WP) - E. J. Flemming
061 Weston Gilbert  (S) - W. Gilbert *
062 Bert Butcher (EF) - F. Butcher *
063 Joe Elsegood (P) - J. Elsegood
064 Francis Oliver (CC) - F. Oliver
065 Robert Dalziell (WP) - R.J. Dalziell *
066 Ron Edgar (SF) - R. Edgar
067 Jack Baird (EF) - J. Baird
068 Unknown Player
069 Ernie McGuckin (WP) - E. McGuckin
070 Unknown Player
071 George Doig (EF) - Geo. Doig
072 Glen Matson  (P) - G. Matson
073 Unknown Player
074 Norman Doig - East Fremantle (Norman Doig)
075 Unknown Player
076 William Doig - East Fremantle (Will. Doig)
077 Francis Greenwood (CC) - F. Greenwood *
078 Ken O'Reilly (EP) - K. O'Reilly *
079 Charles Doig (EF) - Chas Doig *
080 Edgar Doig (EF) - Edgar Doig

1933 Godfrey & Phillips Cigarette Cards (0 of 3 Needed)

In 1933, cigarette giants Godfrey & Phillips issued a set of 100 cigarette cards featuring Australian sportsmen and women (along with a few racehorses and greyhounds). Among them were seven footballers, including two from the WAFL. A third WAFL footballer (Austin Robertson Senior) was featured, but for his running exploits rather than his football skills. The list below is not for every card, but only the two WAFL cards and the Robertson card.

O. Lovelock (WP)

E. (Ted) Tyson (WP)

A. Robertson (S)


1947 WA Footballers at Hobart Carnival (21 of 25 Needed)

This very rare set of cards features each of the 25 players who travelled to Hobart to represent WA in the 1947 carnival. Strangely, the cards do not bear any maker's mark and it is, therefore, not known who made them. However, they are very similar in format to a set of cricket and tennis cards made around the same era. I suspect both sets were made by a company called AVA Confections, which opened in William St in about 1946 and closed in about 1951. While six cards have not yet been seen by collectors, the identities of the players on them are known because the set only featured players who travelled to Hobart. Those players are: Norm Wendt, Bill Alderman, Jack Sweet, Ron Tucker, Fred Buttsworth and Wally O'Neill.

01 Merv McIntosh

02 Vic French

03 Unknown Player

04 Jack Sheedy

05 Jock Green

06 Stan "Pops" Heal

07 Jack "Corp" Reilly

08 Harry Carbon

09 Clive Lewington

10 Harold Jeffreys

11 Unknown Player

12 Frank Sparrow

13 Les McClements

14 Unknown Player

15 Ray Starr

16 George Prince

17 Norm Lamb

18 Jack "Granite" Murray

19 Unknown Player

20 Bernie Naylor

21 Syd Shaw

22 Unknown Player

23 Dave Ingraham

24 Unknown Player

25 Len Harman


1961 Walsh's Menswear WAFL Player Photos

Until a few years ago, I had only seen one of these cards on a computer screen. They were issued by Walsh's Menswear back in 1961 and some, mainly featuring players from Subiaco and East Fremantle, surfaced over the years. But, recently, another couple of piles were discovered and cards for each of the other six clubs were among them. Most of the photographs are head-and-shoulders portrait photos, with the player's name and club printed underneath. However, there are also some that are three-quarter-length shots and feature the player's signature. As a result, there are now 143 known to exist, but given 30 of them feature Subiaco players, and 28 of them Perth players, it's quite possible there were about 30 for each club - giving a likely total of about 240 photos in the set. The cards, which are actually just photographs on the standard-sized Ilford photographic paper of the day, measure about 90mm x 127mm. They were stamped on the back with an old-fashioned rubber stamp and pad. The stamps read either: "Copyright:- Walsh's Menswear Stores" or "Copywrite:- Walsh's Menswear Stores". Please get in touch if you have any of these as I would like to document them.

This advertisement from a 1961 WA football magazine is the only real piece of evidence that shows when these Walsh's Menswear cards were produced. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide any information about the number of cards in the set.
Lorne Cook (C)
Denis Marshall (C) - 3/4
Les Mumme (C)
Peter Pianto (C)
Don Ainsworth (EF)
Des Anderson (EF)
Frank Coulson (EF)
Ray French (EF)
Ray Howard (EF)
Ray Pickering (EF)
Bob Pitcher (EF)
Norm Rogers (EF) - 3/4
John Rowan (EF)
Mal Atwell (EP)
Tony Bellos (EP)
Ned Bull (EP)
Bevan Byrne (EP)
Brian Cant (EP)
Derek Chadwick (EP)
Derek Collard (EP)
Peter Cook (EP)
Graham Farmer (EP)
Graham Farmer (EP) - 3/4
Graeme John (EP)
Laurie Kennedy (EP)
Ted Kilmurray (EP)
Brian MacGregor (EP)
Don Marinko (EP)
Ralph Rogerson (EP)
Ray Rowles (EP)
Jack Sheedy (EP)
John Turner (EP)
Maurie Young (EP)
Trevor Aikenhead (P)
Ken Armstrong (P)
Brian Ashbolt (P)
Bob Barry (P)
Neville Beard (P)
K Carmody (P)
Bob Coleman (P)
Barry Dalton (P)
Don Dalton (P)
Pat Dalton (P)
John Davey (P)
Tom Davis (P)
Keith Harper (P)
Keith Harper (P) - 3/4
Roy Harper (P)
David Heath (P)
John King (P)
J Lane (P)
Brian Lawrence (P)
G Leuzzi (P)
Keith London (P)
Jeff McGann (P)
Frank Pyke (P)
Charlie Skehan (P)
W Towers (P)
Willie Tussler (P)
F Walker (P)
M Winsor (P)
George Annandale (SF)
Ashley August (SF)
Stan Badham (SF)
Colin Beard (SF)
Ron Bowe (SF)
John Brindley (SF)
Bob Bucat (SF)
Don Byfield (SF)
Rober Cassidy (SF)
Ron Doig (SF)
John Gerovich (SF)
Tom Grljusich (SF)
Cliff Hillier (SF)
Kale Miller (SF)
Tony Parentich (SF)
Eric Sarich (SF)
Keith Smith (SF)
Gary Scott (SF)
Don Stewart (SF)
John Todd (SF)
John Todd (SF) - 3/4
Gordon Tuxford (SF)
Charlie Tyson (SF)
P Amaranti (S)
Dennis Barron (S)
RJ Bennett (S)
F Dean (S)
K Dean (S)
W Denten (S)
Eddie Dewar (S)
Phillip Farrell (S)
Noel Flinn (S)
Don Glass (S)
Ross Gosden (S)
Reg Hampson (S)
N Jenkinson (S)
Laurie Kettlewell (S)
Laurie Kettlewell (S) - 3/4
Wally Martin (S)
Kevin Merifield (S)
D Murray (S)
Rod Newton (S)
J O'Brien (S)
B Patmore (S)
S Peris (S)
M Pethick (S)
TJ Robbins (S)
Brian Sarre (S)
Merv Screaigh (S)
Ian Shortland-Jones (S)
Wally Stevens (S)
A White (S)
Terry Williams (S)
Ken Bagley (SD)
Haydn Bunton (SD)
Joe Lawson (SD)
Joe Lawson (SD) - 3/4
Keith Slater (SD)
Ken Ashdown (WP)
Ross Ayre (WP)
Ron Bewick (WP)
Syd Dufall (WP)
Joe Fanchi (WP)
Brian Foley (WP)
Brian France (WP)
Ray Gabelich (WP)
Richie Haddow (WP)
Mannix Heal (WP)
Geoff Hamel (WP)
Lindsay Holland (WP)
Ray Lucev (WP)
Frank Margaria (WP)
Ray Marinko (WP)
Tom Marinko (WP)
Ron McBride (WP)
Laurie McNamara (WP)
Peter Medhurst (WP)
Roy Porter (WP)
John Towner (WP)
Mel Whinnen (WP)
Don Williams (WP)
Eddie Wylde (WP)
Among the most elusive of WAFL cards, these were actually simple photographs and were just stamped with the Walsh's Menswear logo on the reverse.

1961 Coca-Cola League Football Stars

One of the most sought-after of the WAFL card sets, these were issued by the beverage giant back in 1961 and featured 24 players from each club on distinctive cards with red borders. There were eight albums (one for each club) and the captains were featured on the front of the albums (they didn't appear on the cards).The cards, which measure 52mm x 78mm, were obtained by collecting a white token which was found under each Coca-Cola bottlecap, though it's unclear how many cards were exchanged for each token. The comparative rarity of these cards today, along with the attractive design and the fact that 1961 was a very special year for WA football, makes these highly collectable.

ALBUMS (0 of 8 Needed)

Claremont - Peter Pianto

East Fremantle - Jack Clarke

East Perth - Jack Sheedy

Perth - Ken Armstrong

South Fremantle - John Todd

Subiaco - Laurie Kettlewell

Swan Districts - Haydn Bunton

West Perth - Brian Foley

CARDS (82 of 192 Needed)

L Boddington - Claremont
Bill Byron - Claremont
Kevin Clune - Claremont
Lorne Cook - Claremont
A Crisp - Claremont
Kevin Crowd - Claremont
John Dethridge - Claremont
Bill Fleay - Claremont
K Guard - Claremont
Wayne Harvey - Claremont
Mort Kuhlmann - Claremont
Irwin Lewis - Claremont
J Mann - Claremont
K Mann - Claremont
Denis Marshall - Claremont
Barry Metcalf - Claremont
Ron Morgan - Claremont
Les Mumme - Claremont
John O'Connell - Claremont
N Roberts - Claremont
A Stewart - Claremont
John Thornton - Claremont
John Tucker - Claremont
G Wilson - Claremont
D Ainsworth - East Fremantle
D Anderson - East Fremantle
Len Anderson - East Fremantle
Frank Coulson - East Fremantle
Tom Everett - East Fremantle
Ray French - East Fremantle
Daryl Gore - East Fremantle
Eddie Hadlow - East Fremantle
Ken Holt - East Fremantle
R Howard - East Fremantle
Ron Lawrence - East Fremantle
Mel Mason - East Fremantle
George Mavor - East Fremantle
J Morrisey - East Fremantle
R Pitcher - East Fremantle
J Rowan - East Fremantle
Con Regan - East Fremantle
Mike Regan - East Fremantle
E Richardson - East Fremantle
Norm Rogers - East Fremantle
Neil Scott - East Fremantle
Ray Sorrell - East Fremantle
Ross Stevenson - East Fremantle
G Wendt - East Fremantle
Mal Atwell - East Perth
Carl Bearman - East Perth
A Bellos - East Perth
B Byrne - East Perth
B Cant - East Perth
Derek Chadwick - East Perth
C Collard - East Perth
P Cook - East Perth
Graham Farmer - East Perth
R Giblett - East Perth
B Goddard - East Perth
Bob Graham - East Perth
K Haley - East Perth
Graeme John - East Perth
Laurie Kennedy - East Perth
Ted Kilmurray - East Perth
Kevin McGill - East Perth
Brian McGregor - East Perth
Ralph Rogerson - East Perth
R Rowles - East Perth
Paul Seal - East Perth
J Turner - East Perth
John Watts - East Perth
Maurie Young - East Perth
Trevor Aikenhead - Perth
Brian Ashbolt - Perth
R Barry - Perth
Neville Beard  - Perth
Robert Bosustow - Perth
Bob Coleman - Perth
Barry Dalton - Perth
Don Dalton - Perth
Pat Dalton - Perth
Tom Davis - Perth
Roy Harper - Perth
David Heath - Perth
R House - Perth
John King - Perth
Brian Lawrence - Perth
Guido Leuzzi - Perth
Keith London - Perth
Jeff McGann - Perth
Frank Pyke - Perth
I Shackles - Perth
Charlie Skehan - Perth
W Towers - Perth
Willie Tussler - Perth
Dick Walker - Perth
G Annandale - South Fremantle
A August - South Fremantle
Stan Badham - South Fremantle
Kim Bailey - South Fremantle
Colin Beard - South Fremantle
John Brindley - South Fremantle
Bob Bucat - South Fremantle
Don Byfield - South Fremantle
R Cassidy - South Fremantle
L Charles - South Fremantle
John Colgan - South Fremantle
P Cooper - South Fremantle
Ron Doig - South Fremantle
John Gerovich - South Fremantle
Tom Grljusich - South Fremantle
R Lowry - South Fremantle
Tony Parentich - South Fremantle
Eric Sarich - South Fremantle
Gary Scott - South Fremantle
Fred Seinor - South Fremantle
K Smith - South Fremantle
Gordon Tuxford - South Fremantle
C Tyson - South Fremantle
Barry White - South Fremantle
Dennis Barron - Subiaco
F Dean - Subiaco
K Dean - Subiaco
W Denten - Subiaco
Eddie Dewar - Subiaco
Phillip Farrell - Subiaco
Noel Flinn - Subiaco
Don Glass - Subiaco
Ross Gosden - Subiaco
Reg Hampson - Subiaco
Wally Martin - Subiaco
Kevin Merifield - Subiaco
Rod Newton - Subiaco
Ross Parry - Subiaco
B Patmore - Subiaco
S Perris - Subiaco
M Pethick - Subiaco
T Robbins - Subiaco
Brian Sarre - Subiaco
Merv Screaigh - Subiaco
Ian Shortland-Jones - Subiaco
Wally Stevens - Subiaco
A White - Subiaco
Colin Williams - Subiaco
Ken Bagley - Swans
T Beinkworth - Swans
Wally Brown - Swans
Fred Castledine - Swans
N Fullgrabe - Swans
B Geer - Swan Districts
B Gray - Swan Districts
S Kenworthy - Swans
Joe Lawson - Swans
Cyril Litterick - Swans
John Mack - Swan Districts
Bob Manning - Swans
Colin Maynard - Swans
Jim Mitchell - Swans
Tony Nesbit - Swans
Tony Sangali - Swans
D Sidebottom - Swans
Keith Slater - Swans
Dave Thompson - Swans
John Turnbull - Swans
Bill Walker - Swan Districts
K Watt - Swans
Mick Wundke - Swans
Graham Zilko - Swans
Barry Armstrong - W Perth
Ken Ashdown - West Perth
Ross Ayre - West Perth
Ron Bewick - West Perth
Bill Dempsey - West Perth
Syd Dufall - West Perth
GB Edmonson - W Perth
Joe Fanchi - West Perth
Brian France - West Perth
Ray Gabelich - West Perth
Richie Haddow - W Perth
Mannix Heal - West Perth
Ray Lucev - West Perth
Ray Marinko - West Perth
Don Marinko - West Perth
Ron McBride - West Perth
Norm McDiarmid - W Perth
Frank Margaria - W Perth
Laurie McNamara - WP
Peter Medhurst - W Perth
Roy Porter - West Perth
John Towner - West Perth
Mel Whinnen - West Perth
Eddie Wylde - West Perth


1963 Scanlens Sweets Cards (2 of 3 Needed)

Scanlens first issued football cards for the VFL in 1963 and continued doing so until the early 1990s. During that time, there were three sets produced which featured WAFL players. The first of those was the original 1963 set, which boasted just 18 cards. The three WAFL players were Ron Evans (who had recently transferred from Essendon to West Perth, but was pictured in his Essendon jumper), Bob Johnson (who had transferred to East Fremantle from Melbourne for 1962 and was pictured in his Melbourne jumper) and Swan Districts skipper Haydn Bunton Junior (who appeared in casual clothing). This set is sometimes referred to as the "Holy Grail" for Victorian collectors and the cards are so expensive that I have never bought any. Interestingly, there are a few other links to WA in this set. Alec Epis started his football career on the Goldfields, Verdun Howell coached Claremont from 1972-74 and settled in Perth, and Graham "Polly" Farmer is one of WA's football legends. But only three cards depict players who were playing for WAFL clubs at the time the set was released.

02 - Ron Evans - West Perth

07 - Haydn Bunton Jr - Swan Districts

18 - Bob Johnson - East Fremantle


1964 Mobil Footy Photos (0 of 40 Needed)

This was the first card set brought out by the oil giants featuring WAFL players and it was replicated in SA with SANFL players and in Victoria with VFL players. It followed on from the album of stamps issued by Shell in 1963 (you will find details of this set in the Transfers & Stickers page). The large-format cards (82mm x 134mm) were so popular among children - who would pick up a card when their parents filled up at a Mobil service station - that another set was issued in 1965. The first set featured five players from each of the eight WAFL clubs and was designed to be housed in an album. It is probably one of the easiest WA card sets to find today, but it can be difficult to find the cards in pristine condition. Most of the cards were glued into the album and those which were kept separately or secured in the album using photo corners carry a premium today.

01 Keith Slater - Subiaco
02 Wally Martin - Subiaco
03 Fred Castledine - Swan Districts
04 Cyril Litterick - Swan Districts
05 Frank Pyke - Perth
06 Brian Sarre - Subiaco
07 Bill Dempsey - West Perth
08 Brian Foley - West Perth
09 Harold Little - Perth
10 Dick Walker - Perth
11 Haydn Bunton - Swan Districts
12 Pat Dalton - Perth
13 Ken Holt - East Fremantle
14 Darryl Cormack - East Fremantle
15 Ron Doig - South Fremantle
16 Brian France - West Perth
17 Norm Rogers - East Fremantle
18 Tony Casserley - East Fremantle
19 Fred Seinor - Sth Fremantle
20 Tom Grljusich - South Fremantle
21 Lorne Cook - Claremont
22 Wayne Harvey - Claremont
23 Mort Kuhlmann - Claremont
24 Les Mumme - Claremont
25 John McIntosh - Claremont
26 Carl Bearman - East Perth
27 Laurie Kennedy - East Perth
28 Sidney Jackson - East Perth
29 Robert Graham - East Perth
30 Mal Atwell - East Perth
31 Ray Sorrell - South Fremantle
32 John Turnbull - Swan Districts
33 Ken Bagley - Swan Districts
34 Austin Robertson - Subiaco
35 Dennis Barron - Subiaco
36 John Todd - South Fremantle
37 Mel Whinnen - West Perth
38 Ray Lucev - West Perth
39 Frank Coulson - East Fremantle
40 Tom Davis - Perth


1965 Mobil Footy Photos (0 of 40 Needed)

Following on from the success of the 1964 Mobil set, the company issued another set of 40 over-sized cards in 1965. This time, the players were photographed in action shots at training. As in 1964, Mobil made a set of 40 cards for both the SANFL and the VFL, too. I've found this set a little more difficult to find than the 1964 set, though it is still one of the more common WA sets. It also had an album and, again, it was common for the cards to be glued into the album at the time.

01 Mal Atwell - East Perth
02 Cam Blakemore - Subiaco
03 Robbie Burns - Subiaco
04 Barry Cable - Perth
05 Tony Casserley - East Fremantle
06 Derek Chadwick - East Perth
07 Bob Coleman - Perth
08 Ken Cooper - Swan Districts
09 Ron Evans - West Perth 
10 John Fairbrass - Claremont
11 Kevin Frazer - South Fremantle
12 John Gerovich - South Fremantle
13 Eric Gorman - Swan Districts
14 John Grieve - Claremont
15 Peter Grogan - West Perth
16 Neville Hebbard - West Perth
17 Bob Johnson - East Fremantle
18 Laurie Kennedy - East Perth
19 Ray Lawrence - Perth
20 Ron Lawrence - East Fremantle

21 Fred Lewis - East Fremantle
22 Murray McDonald - South Fremantle
23 Warren Marshall - Claremont
24 Wally Martin - Subiaco
25 Colin Maynard - Swan Districts
26 Brian McGregor - East Perth
27 John McIntosh - Claremont
28 Ray Mills - Perth
29 Alan Mycock - Claremont
30 Harry Neesham - East Fremantle
31 Tony Nesbit - Swan Districts

32 Austin Robertson - Subiaco
33 Brian Sarre - Subiaco
34 Graeme Smith - South Fremantle
35 Ray Sorrell - South Fremantle
36 Bob Spargo - West Perth
37 Bill Walker - Swan Districts
38 Robert Whalley - East Perth
39 Mel Whinnen - West Perth
40 Mal Windsor - Perth


1966 Scanlens Sweets Cards (0 of 12 Needed)

Just like in the first release of 18 cards in 1963, Scanlens decided in 1966 that they should include WAFL players in their set of 72 cards. However, unlike in 1963, there were no SANFL players this time around. Strangely, Scanlens settled on two cards featuring a player each from Subiaco, Claremont, Perth and East Perth. Of those sides, only Claremont had played finals the previous season. Swan Districts, East Fremantle, West Perth and South Fremantle only got one card each. The list below only includes the WAFL players in the set.

20 Graham Heal - Subiaco
21 Brian Sarre - Subiaco
31 John McIntosh - Claremont
32 John Dethridge - Claremont
33 Frank Copeman - Swan Districts
36 Bob Johnson - East Fremantle
42 Barry Cable - Perth
55 Col Hebbard - West Perth
56 Kevin Miller - South Fremantle
67 Kevin Murray - East Perth
68 Ray Lawrence - Perth
69 Mal Brown - East Perth


1968 Twisties Football Game Cards (8 of 24 Needed)

In 1968, Twisties issued randomly in its packets 24 different cards concerning WAFL football. There were three cards for each club - one featuring a club crest, another featuring a rosette, and a third depicting a club mascot. Many of these cards have since turned yellow because of the acid content of the food. They are extremely difficult to find today.

Claremont Crest
Claremont Rosette
Claremont Mascot
East Fremantle Crest
East Fremantle Rosette
East Fremantle Mascot
East Perth Crest
East Perth Rosette
East Perth Mascot
Perth Crest
Perth Rosette
Perth Mascot
South Fremantle Crest
South Fremantle Rosette
South Fremantle Mascot
Subiaco Crest
Subiaco Rosette
Subiaco Mascot
Swan Districts Crest
Swan Districts Rosette
Swan Districts Mascot
West Perth Crest
West Perth Rosette
West Perth Mascot


1969 East Perth Footballers (3 of 22 Needed)

One of the lesser-known WA card sets, this series of East Perth footballers was produced back in 1969. Featuring head-and-shoulder portraits of league players from the fantastic, but unlucky, Royals team of the late 1960s, these cards are extremely rare today. Just 22 different cards are known to exist. They were printed by club supporters Ted and Joe Brosnan, who owned Eastern Press, just around the corner from Perth Oval in Royal St. On the reverse was the player’s details, along with advertisements for club supporters, including North Lake Footwear and Omega Offset Platemaking. One of the interesting things about these cards is that they were printed on different stock. Some of them are shiny, while others are textured. Some also had the wrong names printed on the back. Instead of re-printing them, the organisers simply printed stickers to be stuck over the incorrect names.
01 Mal Brown
02 Ken McAullay
03 Phil Tierney
04 Keith Doncon
06 Bob Graham
07 John Bandy
08 Phil Haughan
09 Brent Armanasco
10 Mark O'Donohue
11 Chris Mitchell
14 Jim Haines
16 Gary Bygraves
17 Gary Gillespie
18 Vic Evans
20 Bradley Smith
22 Derek Chadwick
23 Hans Verstegen
24 John Garnaut
26 Grant Dorrington
28 Ian Thompson
30 Eddie Pitter
East Perth v West Perth Game


1969 Twisties Football Game Cards (2 of 8 Needed)

Just like the previous year, Twisties issued cards randomly in its packets in 1969. This time, there were just eight cards, each featuring a caricature of a WAFL club captain. All eight WAFL clubs were represented and, again, many of these cards have not survived. Those that have are almost always stained yellow from the acid in the Twisties.

Denis Marshall - Claremont
Eric Sarich - East Fremantle
Derek Chadwick - East Perth
Mal Atwell - Perth
Hassa Mann - South Fremantle
Haydn Bunton Junior - Subiaco
Bill Walker - Swan Districts
Graham Farmer - West Perth


1971 Mobil Footy Photos (0 of 40 Needed)

After a six-year hiatus, Mobil re-entered the WAFL market in 1971 with what has become the rarest of the three sets the company issued in the west. This set featured action shots of WAFL players and is possibly my favourite card set from this era. Again, there were SANFL and VFL sets, each also boasting 40 cards, and an album for each state in which to house the cards.

01 Pat Dalton - Perth
02 Hassa Mann - South Fremantle
03 Mal Brown - East perth
04 Haydn Bunton Jun - Subiaco
05 Denis Marshall - Claremont
06 Graham Farmer - West Perth
07 Fred Lewis - East Fremantle
08 Bill Walker - Swan Districts
09 Graeme Riley - South Fremantle
10 Barry Cable - Perth
11 Bradley Smith - East Perth
12 Peter Burton - Subiaco
13 Bruce Duperouzel - Claremont
14 Stephen Smeath - West Perth
15 Graham Melrose - East Frem
16 Ian Cooper - Swan Districts
17 Graeme Scott - South Fremantle
18 Pat Astone - Perth
19 Ian Thompson - East Perth
20 Col Williams - Subiaco
21 Lindsay Carroll - Claremont
22 Bill Dempsey - West Perth
23 Neil Dedman - East Fremantle
24 Rob Beecroft - Swan Districts
25 Len Clark - South Fremantle
26 Ian Miller - Perth
27 John Burns - East Perth
28 George Young - Subiaco
29 Lorne Cook - Claremont
30 Mel Whinnen - West Perth
31 Max Van Helden - East Frem
32 John Turnbull - Swan Districts
33 Brian Ciccotosto - South Frem
34 Ross Millson - Perth
35 John Daniel - East Perth
36 Brian Sierakowski - Subiaco
37 Michael Smart - Claremont
38 David Dyson - West Perth
39 Peter Stephen - East Fremantle
40 Kim Michael - Swan Districts 


1976 Wills Cup Top Mark Cards (0 of 3 Needed)

This ten-card set features marks from the 1976 Wills Cup, which was the first real attempt at a national football competition. As the top-three finishers from 1975, West Perth, South Fremantle and Swan Districts were the WAFL teams to take part in the 15-match competition. At 108mm x 89mm, the cards were larger than a regular trading card, but were not of the highest quality. The photographs were actually stills taken from the television. Two cards feature marks taken by WAFL players, while another features a mark taken by a Norwood player while playing against a WAFL side. Only those three cards are listed below.

02 G Brookes (South Fremantle v Carlton 8th June 1976)
05 T Mullooly (Swan Districts v Richmond 29th June 1976)
08 G Parke (Norwood v South Fremantle 20th July 1976)


1981 Ardmona Big League WAFL Cards (0 of 264 Needed)

Issued in 1981, these cards could only be obtained by collecting labels from Ardmona cans and sending them in, along with a small fee. In exchange, you received a dark blue box with your chosen team's logo on it. Inside, were 33 cards - two that gave a brief history of the club and 31 cards featuring players and the coach. These were also issued for the VFL clubs, but the WAFL versions are much more difficult to find.
Claremont History Card 1
Claremont History Card 2
02 - Herman Van De Beek - Claremont
03 - Jim Krakouer - Claremont
04 - Noel Morton - Claremont
05 - Allen Daniels - Claremont
06 - Bradley Reynolds - Claremont
07 - Phil Krakouer - Claremont
08 - Steve Malaxos - Claremont
09 - Michael Aitken - Claremont
10 - Ian Kent - Claremont
11 - Gary Shaw - Claremont
12 - Brett Farmer - Claremont
14 - Lindsay Kanther - Claremont
15 - Peter Jamieson - Claremont
16 - Warren Ralph - Claremont
17 - Clayton Lewis - Claremont
18 - Joe Daby - Claremont
19 - Robert Lawson - Claremont
20 - Baden Harper - Claremont
21 - John Colreavy - Claremont
23 - Robbie Melville - Claremont
24 - Gerald Betts - Claremont
25 - Graham Moss - Claremont
26 - Des Hindson - Claremont
27 - Barry Beecroft - Claremont
28 - Ray Smith - Claremont
30 - Mark Watson - Claremont
31 - Tom Pearce - Claremont
37 - Kim Bevan - Claremont
39 - Wayne Blackwell - Claremont
40 - Darrell Panizza - Claremont
44 - Dalton Gooding - Claremont
East Fremantle History Card 1
East Fremantle History Card 2
01 - Mark Harding - East Fremantle
01 - Clay Shimmon - East Frem
02 - Mark Norsworthy - East Frem
03 - John Sims - East Fremantle
04 - Glen Mitchell - East Fremantle
05 - Jeff Cassidy - East Fremantle
06 - Bruce Marshall - East Frem
07 - Brian Peake - East Fremantle
08 - Ken Judge - East Fremantle
09 - Graham Kickett - East Frem
10 - Phil Clucas - East Fremantle
11 - Mal Dobson - East Fremantle
12 - Rod Lester-Smith - East Frem
13 - Merv Carrott - East Fremantle
14 - Stephen Green - East Frem
15 - Kim Chatfield - East Fremantle
15 - Robbie Johnson - East Frem
16 - Kim Hetherington - East Frem
17 - Wayne Cormack - East Frem
18 - Clinton Browning - East Frem
18 - Jeff Trott - East Fremantle
19 - Alan Casserly - East Fremantle
20 - Peter LeCras - East Fremantle
21 - Jim Sewell - East Fremantle
22 - Roger Crouch - East Fremantle
23 - Ian Thomson - East Fremantle
24 - Shane Ellis - East Fremantle
25 - Andrew Purser - East Frem
26 - Graeme Carter - East Frem
28 - Brian Needle - East Frem
29 - Marinus Potter - East Frem
East Perth History Card 1
East Perth History Card 2
01 - John Ironmonger - East Perth
02 - Wayne Otway - East Perth
03 - Dean Turner - East Perth
04 - George Michalczyk - E Perth
05 - Arnold Cox - East Perth
06 - John McTaggart - East Perth
07 - John Doyle - East Perth
08 - Russell Sparks - East Perth
10 - Dennis Collins - East Perth
10 - Peter Jamieson - East Perth
11 - Stephen Curtis - East Perth
12 - John Hayes - East Perth
14 - Grant Campbell - East Perth
15 - Chris Allen - East Perth
16 - Garry Frost - East Perth
22 - Glyn Williams - East Perth
25 - John Dimmer - East Perth
26 - Glenn Robertson - East Perth
27 - John Nolan - East Perth
28 - Craig Edwards - East Perth
29 - Paul Arnold - East Perth
31 - Wes Coutts - East Perth
32 - Steve Da Rui - East Perth
33 - Trevor Malcolm - East Perth
36 - Ross Tate - East Perth
38 - Terry Wasley - East Perth
45 - Wayne Loxley - East Perth
46 - Brian Cook - East Perth
49 - John Scott - East Perth
56 - Shane Cocker - East Perth
Coach - Grant Dorrington - E Perth

Perth History Card 1
Perth History Card 2
01 - Greg Frost - Perth
02 - Mark Collins - Perth
03 - Ray Colyer - Perth
04 - Len Gandini - Perth
05 - Barry Kimberley - Perth
06 - Kim Coleman - Perth
07 - Bruce Stevenson - Perth
08 - Brynn Chute - Perth
09 - Bryan Cousins - Perth
10 - Bruce Tschirpig - Perth
11 - Clinton Roberts - Perth
12 - Brian Cook - Perth
14 - Brad Shepherd - Perth
15 - Geoff Nitschke - Perth
16 - Terry Walsh - Perth
17 - Lindsay Carter - Perth
18 - Alan Montgomery - Perth
19 - Mark Washfold - Perth
20 - Alan Johnson - Perth
21 - Peter Cox - Perth
22 - Darryl Harris - Perth
24 - Cam Shepherd - Perth
25 - John McGuire - Perth
26 - Murray King - Perth
27 - Rhett Baynes - Perth
28 - Bryce Forman - Perth
29 - Wayne Simms - Perth
30 - Doug Simms - Perth
31 - Steve Turner - Perth
35 - Ross Prunster - Perth

Coach - Alan Joyce - Perth
South Fremantle History Card 1
South Fremantle History Card 2
Rod Barrett - South Fremantle
Alan Burtenshaw - South Fremantle
Basil Campbell - South Fremantle
Noel Carter - South Fremantle
Michael Cockie - South Fremantle
Kevin Cornell - South Fremantle
Phil Cronan - South Fremantle
Wayne Delmenico - South Frem
Brad Hardie - South Fremantle
Wayne Hardie - South Fremantle
Wayne Henwood - South Frem
Tony Kelly - South Fremantle
Ross Kerr - South Fremantle
Joe McKay - South Fremantle
Stephen Michael - South Fremantle
Bruce Monteath - South Fremantle
Tony Morley - South Fremantle
Warren Mosconi - South Fremantle
Paul Mountain - South Fremantle
Mick Moylan - South Fremantle
Geoff O'Brien - South Fremantle
Simon Outhwaite - South Fremantle
Robert Peoples - South Fremantle
Neil Randall - South Fremantle
Maurice Rioli - South Fremantle
Ross Sweetman - South Fremantle
Norm Uncle - South Fremantle
Paul Vasoli - South Fremantle
Benny Vigona - South Fremantle
Kim Zubrinich - South Fremantle
Coach - Mal Brown - South Frem

Subiaco History Card 1
Subiaco History Card 2
Gary Armstrong - Subiaco
John Bengough - Subiaco
Clinton Brown - Subiaco
Rod Brown - Subiaco
Gary Buckenara - Subiaco
Frank Bucknall - Subiaco
Phil Dobson - Subiaco
Brian Douge - Subiaco
Mitchell Fussell - Subiaco
Tim Gepp - Subiaco
Alex Hamilton - Subiaco
Michael Johns - Subiaco
Laurie Keene - Subiaco
Dwayne Lamb - Subiaco
Phil Lamb - Subiaco
Michael Lee - Subiaco
Brad Lohoar - Subiaco
Vic Melville - Subiaco
David Miers - Subiaco
Peter Munro - Subiaco
Jeff Murray - Subiaco
David Perry - Subiaco
Ray Reeves - Subiaco
Graeme Schultz - Subiaco
Brian Taylor - Subiaco
Neil Taylor - Subiaco
Gary Tester - Subiaco
Peter Thomas - Subiaco
Ian Tucker - Subiaco
Bill Valli - Subiaco
Coach - Ken Armstrong - Subiaco
Swan Districts History Card 1
Swan Districts History Card 2
Leon Baker - Swan Districts
Simon Beasley - Swan Districts
Ed Blackaby - Swan Districts
Ron Boucher - Swan Districts
Peter Carter - Swan Districts
Graeme Comerford - Swan Dist
Alan Cransberg - Swan Districts
Ross Fitzgerald - Swan Districts
Jon Fogarty - Swan Districts
Steve Gillespie - Swan Districts
Craig Holden - Swan Districts
Don Holmes - Swan Districts
Brent Hutton - Swan Districts
Don Langsford - Swan Districts
Gary McDonald - Swan Districts
Graham Melrose - Swan Districts
Tom Mullooly - Swan Districts
Keith Narkle - Swan Districts
Phil Narkle - Swan Districts
Gerard Neesham - Swan Districts
Stan Nowotny - Swan Districts
Paul Pavlinovich - Swan Districts
Murray Rance - Swan Districts
Mike Richardson - Swan Districts
Peter Sartori - Swan Districts
Brad Shine - Swan Districts
Allan Sidebottom - Swan Districts
Tony Solin - Swan Districts
Darryl Sutton - Swan Districts
Kim Trew - Swan Districts
Coach - John Todd - Swan Districts
West Perth History Card 1
West Perth History Card 2
Brian Adamson - West Perth
Rod Alderton - West Perth
Corry Bewick - West Perth
Phil Bradmore - West Perth
Dean Campbell - West Perth
Kym Davison - West Perth
Bill Duckworth - West Perth
John Duckworth - West Perth
Russell Ellen - West Perth
Shane Fitzsimmons - West Perth
Dan Foley - West Perth
Les Fong - West Perth
John Gavranich - West Perth
Ross Gibbs - West Perth
Laurie Heal - West Perth
Geoff Hendricks - West Perth
Stuart Hillier - West Perth
Ray Holden - West Perth
Ben Jager - West Perth
Ian Logen - West Perth
Steve McEvoy - West Perth
Peter Menaglio - West Perth
Colin Northcott - West Perth
David Palm - West Perth
Mick Rea - West Perth
Chris Raykos - West Perth
Chris Stasinowsky - West Perth
David Vogel - West Perth
Dean Warwick - West Perth
Alan Watling - West Perth
Coach - Graham Campbell - West Perth


1981 Kelloggs Australian Football Greats Cards (0 of 7 Needed)

A great set of cards that featured players from across the three strongest footy competitions in Australia, these were found in boxes of Kelloggs Corn Flakes in 1981. A set of 30 cards was difficult to complete, unless you ate a lot of corn flakes, but with only seven WAFL players (there were 8 SANFL players and 15 VFL players), you could get hold of all the local cards with some judicious trading. Sadly for local collectors, only four WAFL clubs were represented in this set, leaving Perth, Subiaco, Swan Districts and West Perth supporters without a card to chase. There was also an album to house the cards, which could be purchased from Golden Fleece service stations. Only the WAFL cards from the set are listed below.

24 Stephen Michael - South Fremantle
25 Graham Moss - Claremont
26 Ken Hunter - Claremont
27 Barry Cable - East Perth
28 Peter Spencer - East Perth
29 Brian Peake - East Fremantle
30 Phil Krakouer - Claremont


1982 Scanlens Sweets WAFL Cards (0 of 84 Needed)

The third, and last, Scanlens set to feature WAFL players, this was the only one that consisted entirely of WAFL players. Coinciding with the WAFL's big push into marketing, the set mirrored the VFL issue of the same year, but utilised a blue border, rather than the red border used in Victoria. Unfortunately, it was one of the least exciting designs ever issued by Scanlens. The set included 76 numbered player cards and eight unnumbered club checklist cards.
01 Wayne Blackwell - Claremont
02 Warren Ralph - Claremont
03 Baden Harper - Claremont
04 Graham Moss - Claremont
05 Steve Malaxos - Claremont
06 Barry Beecroft - Claremont
07 Noel Morton - Claremont
08 Michael Aitken - Claremont
09 Allen Daniels - Claremont
10 Joe McKay - South Fremantle
11 Basil Campbell - Sth Fremantle
12 Noel Carter - South Fremantle
13 Benny Vigona - South Fremantle
14 Rod Barrett - South Fremantle
15 Simon Outhwaite - Sth Fremantle
16 Phil Cronan - South Fremantle
17 Neil Randall - South Fremantle
18 Paul Mountain - South Fremantle
19 Bruce Monteath - Sth Fremantle
20 Keith Narkle - Swan Districts
21 Phil Narkle - Swan Districts
22 Ron Boucher - Swan Districts
23 Mike Richardson - Swan Districts
24 Graham Melrose - Swan Districts
25 Jon Fogarty - Swan Districts
26 Ross Fitzgerald - Swan Districts
27 Don Langsford - Swan Districts
28 Murray Rance - Swan Districts
29 Tom Mullooly - Swan Districts
30 Phil Lamb - Subiaco
31 Ken Marshall - Subiaco
32 Peter Thomas - Subiaco
33 Bill Valli - Subiaco
34 Neil Taylor - Subiaco
35 Gerry Cotter - Subiaco
36 Laurie Keene - Subiaco
37 Rod Brown - Subiaco
38 Tim Gepp - Subiaco
39 Brian Taylor - Subiaco
40 Dean Turner - East Perth
41 Larry Kickett - East Perth
42 Stephen Curtis - East Perth
43 Glyn Williams - East Perth
44 John Dimmer - East Perth
45 George Michalczyk - East Perth
46 Michael Christian - East Perth
47 Paul Arnold - East Perth
48 John Ironmonger - East Perth
49 Chris Allen - East Perth
50 Norm Towers - Perth
51 Lindsay Carter - Perth
52 Rhett Baynes - Perth
53 Wayne Simms - Perth
54 Steve Turner - Perth
55 Barry Kimberley - Perth
56 Bryan Cousins - Perth
57 Alan Montgomery - Perth
58 Clinton Roberts - Perth
59 Peter Menaglio - West Perth
60 Russell Ellen - West Perth
61 Ross Gibbs - West Perth
62 Corry Bewick - West Perth
63 Brian Adamson - West Perth
64 Ben Jager - West Perth
65 Bill Duckworth - West Perth
66 Shane Fitzsimmons - West Perth
67 Ray Holden - West Perth
68 Graham Kickett - East Fremantle
69 Kim Hetherington - East Fremantle
70 Andrew Purser - East Fremantle
71 Rod Lester-Smith - East Fremantle
72 Stephen Green - East Fremantle
73 Shane Ellis - East Fremantle
74 Jim Sewell - East Fremantle
75 Ken Judge - East Fremantle
76 Jeff Cassidy - East Fremantle 
Claremont Checklist
East Fremantle Checklist
East Perth Checklist
Perth Checklist
South Fremantle Checklist 
Subiaco Checklist 
Swan Districts Checklist
West Perth Checklist   


1982 Sunday Times Footy Stars (40 of 65 Needed)

This set was really something different. Released at what was probably the height of the WAFL's marketing era, it was supposed to consist of 192 folder-style cards featuring player caricatures by artist Cedric Baxter. The plan was to release eight new 200mm x 240mm cards each week (one player per club) for 24 consecutive weeks over the course of the 1982 season. But, put simply, they were overpriced. Costing 90c for each card, which could be purchased from the Sunday Times office, Boans or your local Town & Country agent, they were competing with the 1982 Scanlens offer of a packet of WAFL cards for 20c. As a result, they just didn't sell and the whole thing was cancelled after about 8 weeks, meaning a total of about 64 different cards are believed to have been issued. The cards are numbered on the front (1-8 for each club) and the only anomaly is the existence of a Number 9 (John Ironmonger) for East Perth, giving rise to the possibility that there nine cards were released for each club. More likely, though, is that the Ironmonger card was printed, but never officially released.

Collectors did have the option to pre-order their team's entire set (24 cards) for $21, or $36 if you wanted the deluxe version (on thicker stock). There was also a black-and-gold album to house the collection, which cost $7.50.

     Garry Shaw - Claremont
     Unknown Player - Claremont

     Unknown Player - Claremont

4 - Stephen Malaxos - Claremont

     Unknown Player - Claremont

     Unknown Player - Claremont

     Unknown Player - Claremont

8 - Darrell Panizza - Claremont

1 - Jim Sewell - East Fremantle
2 - Kim Hetherington - East Fremantle
3 - Rod Lester-Smith - East Fremantle
4 - Stephen Green - East Fremantle
5 - Alan Casserly - East Fremantle
6 - Clinton Browning - East Fremantle
7 - Jeff Trott - East Fremantle
8 - Phil Clucas - East Fremantle

1 - Chris Allen - East Perth

2 - Grant Campbell - East Perth

3 - John Dimmer - East Perth
4 - John Hayes - East Perth

5 - Dean Turner - East Perth

6 - Larry Kickett - East Perth
7 - Stephen Curtis - East Perth

8 - Greg Walsh - East Perth

9 - John Ironmonger - East Perth

1 - Unknown Player - Perth

2 - Unknown Player - Perth

3 - Unknown Player - Perth

4 - Unknown Player - Perth

5 - Unknown Player - Perth

6 - Unknown Player - Perth

7 - Unknown Player - Perth

8 - Mick Rea - Perth

1 - Noel Carter - South Fremantle
     Wayne Delmenico - South Fremantle
     Brad Hardie - South Fremantle
     Stephen Michael - South Fremantle
     Bruce Monteath - South Fremantle
     Paul Mountain - South Fremantle
     Benny Vigona - South Fremantle
8 - Joe McKay - South Fremantle
     Clinton Brown - Subiaco
     Unknown Player - Subiaco
     Unknown Player - Subiaco
     Unknown Player - Subiaco
     Unknown Player - Subiaco
     Unknown Player - Subiaco
     Unknown Player - Subiaco
8 - Brad Lohoar - Subiaco
1 - Mike Richardson - Swan Districts
2 - Tom Mullooly - Swan Districts
3 - Unknown Player - Swan Districts
4 - Phil Narkle - Swan Districts
5 - Stan Nowotny - Swan Districts
6 - Ed Blackaby - Swan Districts
7 - Tony Solin - Swan Districts
8 - Don Langsford - Swan Districts
1 - Peter Menaglio - West Perth
2 - Corry Bewick - West Perth
3 - Ben Jager - West Perth
4 - Les Fong - West Perth
5 - John Duckworth - West Perth
6 - Neil Fotheringhame - West Perth
7 - Chris Stasinowsky - West Perth
8 - Ross Gibbs - West Perth

1985 Town & Country WA Sports Stars (1 of 4 Needed)

Included in a little-known set of cards issued by the Town & Country Building Society in 1985 was  four cards featuring WAFL players, all of whom worked for the building society. Today, these can be surprisingly difficult to find. Other cards in the unnumbered set featured players from other sports, including cricket. It is suspected that the cards, which measured 90mm x 130mm and read "Join Our Team. Best Wishes", were used as both business cards and promotional cards. They usually turn up with the player's autograph on them.

Clinton Browning - East Fremantle

David Rankin - East Fremantle

Richard Dennis - East Perth

Peter Spencer - Subiaco

1986 Sunday Times & BP WAFL Cards (0 of 57 Needed)

This set of 56 cards was issued through the Sunday Times over 14 consecutive weeks in 1986. The set features nice colour portraits of seven players from each club on cards measuring 80mm x 90mm. There was also one card issued which entitled a child to free entry to the footy that season, causing some collectors to claim the set actually consists of 57 cards.

Peter Davidson - Claremont
Stephen Goulding - Claremont
Steve Malaxos - Claremont
Geoff Miles - Claremont
Noel Morton - Claremont
David O'Connell - Claremont
Michael O'Connell - Claremont
Michael Brennan - East Fremantle
Paul Harding - East Fremantle
Brian Peake - East Fremantle
David Rankin - East Fremantle
Colin Waterson - East Fremantle
Peter Wilson - East Fremantle
Murray Wrensted - East Fremantle
Kevin Bryant - East Perth
Grant Campbell - East Perth
Steve Da Rui - East Perth
George Giannakis - East Perth
Alex Ishchenko - East Perth
Russell Sparks - East Perth
Brett Stephens - East Perth
Adrian Barich - Perth
Bryan Cousins - Perth
Alan Montgomery - Perth
Ian Newman - Perth
Michael Rea - Perth
Wayne Ryder - Perth
Robert Wiley - Perth
Mark Bairstow - Sth Fremantle
Gavin Carter - South Fremantle
Craig Edwards - Sth Fremantle
David Hart - South Fremantle
Wally Matera - South Fremantle
Willie Roe - South Fremantle
Benny Vigona - South Fremantle
Warren Dean - Subiaco
Peter Featherby - Subiaco
Dwayne Lamb - Subiaco
Phil Lamb - Subiaco
Stephen Sells - Subiaco
Brian Taylor - Subiaco
Neil Taylor - Subiaco
Kevin Caton - Swan Districts
Kim Hetherington - Swan Districts
Don Holmes - Swan Districts
Don Langsford - Swan Districts
Peter Sartori - Swan Districts
Garry Sidebottom - Swan Districts
Kevin Taylor - Swan Districts
Corry Bewick - West Perth
Phil Bradmore - West Perth
Les Fong - West Perth
Dean Laidley - West Perth
Peter Menaglio - West Perth
Paul Mifka - West Perth
Dean Warwick - West Perth

1997 Swan Districts Cards (1 of 23 Needed)

If the was ever an indicator of the WAFL's fall from grace after the advent of a national competition in 1987, the fact that the Swan Districts set of 1997 was the first WAFL card set issued in 11 years is surely it. Issued by the club as a fundraising initiative, these plain-looking black-and-white cards were issued in parallel with a set of stickers. The cards are much more difficult to find than the stickers and fetch a reasonable price today for cards that are only 20-years-old. They were printed by Supreme Printers.

01 Darrin Finlayson

02 Greg Walker

03 David Morgan

04 Jeremy Wasley

05 Nathan Smith

06 Chris Peel

07 David Snow

11 Jason Morgan

12 Brendan Retzlaff

14 John Clarkson

19 Rod O'Neill

22 Bernard Carney

23 Jadd Brown

27 Steve O'Brien

32 Steve Pendleton

35 Troy Ugle

37 Kingsley Walker

40 Greg Councillor

43 Silvio Lombardi

46 Ryan Neil

47 Wesley Kestel

47 Mark Piani

60 Stephen Kelderman

2001 WAFL Cards (0 of 220 Needed)

Description Required

2004 WAFL Cards (18 of 195 Needed)

Chris Bossong (P)

Andrew Glover (P)

Richard Kelly (P)

Chris Maguire (P)

Daniel Maher (P)

Daniel McGinlay (P)

Ashley Parsons (P)

Andrew Smith (P)

Justin Sprigg (P)

Alan Wilson (P)

Haydn Bunton (Subiaco Legend)

Laurie Kettlewell (Subiaco Legend)

Neil Taylor (Subiaco Legend)

Tallan Ames (SD)

Shane Beros (SD)

Liam Casson (SD)

Adam Lange (SD)
Wayne Otway (SD)

2005 WAFL Cards (0 of 188 Needed)

Description Required

2006 WAFL Cards (0 of 188 Needed)

Description Required

2007 Scanlens Archives (Modern Re-Printing of 1966 Scanlens)

The original images used in the production of the 1966 Scanlens set of cards was discovered in mid-2007 and a plan was formulated to re-print those cards, including 10 players who were not included in the original run, and give some of the money to a foundation for former VFL players. But the release was not authorised and legal action followed.
Included in the new set were 72 cards which appeared exactly as they had in 1966 (on the front), plus the 10 new players and 2 checklists. There were also 82 cards featuring close-ups of the same players (taken from the same raw images), plus some other cards.
But most of this need not interest WAFL collectors. So far as we need to know, the original 12 cards featuring WAFL players were re-printed and another 12 WAFL cards, featuring close-ups on the same players' faces, were also printed. Serious collectors could buy a presentation album of the entire set with a WAFL logo on it.

Original Series

20 Graham Heal - Subiaco

21 Brian Sarre - Subiaco

31 John McIntosh - Claremont

32 John Dethridge - Claremont

33 Frank Copeman - Swan Districts

36 Bob Johnson - East Fremantle

42 Barry Cable - Perth

55 Col Hebbard - West Perth

56 Kevin Miller - South Fremantle

67 Kevin Murray - East Perth

68 Ray Lawrence - Perth

69 Mal Brown - East Perth

Portrait Series

20 Graham Heal - Subiaco

21 Brian Sarre - Subiaco

31 John McIntosh - Claremont

32 John Dethridge - Claremont

33 Frank Copeman - Swan Districts

36 Bob Johnson - East Fremantle

42 Barry Cable - Perth

55 Col Hebbard - West Perth

56 Kevin Miller - South Fremantle

67 Kevin Murray - East Perth

68 Ray Lawrence - Perth

69 Mal Brown - East Perth

2008 East Perth Football Club Cards

In 2008, East Perth club photographer Paul Litherland released a set of 36 East Perth player cards, which featured a great, modern design. The cards were released in two series, each of 18 cards, and cost $50 for a full set of 36. But only 30 sets were issued, so they are tough to find nowadays.

02 Craig Glancy
03 Matthew Seal

04 Dean Brennan

05 Andrew Mills

06 Adam Pickering

07 Jeremy Humm

08 Brent Cowell

10 Tim Lyster

11 Pat Travers

12 Trevor Oliver

13 Craig Wulff

15 Nick Kane

16 Brendan Hancock

17 Trent Martin

18 Frank Agostino

19 Andrew Merrington

20 Ben McKinley

21 Danny Byrne

22 Daniel Jones

23 Joel Reynolds

24 Jonathan Eastwell

25 Chris Tarrant

26 Daniel Macaulay

27 Tim Noakes

28 Luke Sampey

29 David Dawes

31 Brendan Lee

32 Nigel Lee

36 Nic Italiano

38 Luke Webster

40 Michael Robinson

43 Tom Howlett

44 Michael Swan

49 Aaron Sweet

53 Don Stirling

69 Ben Noakes

2009 East Perth Football Club Cards

After the success of his 2008 cards, East Perth photographer Paul Litherland released another set of cards in 2009. Again, there were two series, but this time there were 16 cards in each series, giving a total of 32 cards in the set. A complete set of these also cost $50, but 50 sets were released this time around.

01 Tony Micale

02 Michael Swan

03 Luke Webster

04 Craig Glancy

05 Brent Cowell

06 Craig Wulff

07 Tim Noakes

08 Jeremy Humm

09 Adam Pickering

10 Pat Travers

11 Andrew Merrington

12 Matthew Seal

13 Daniel Macaulay

14 Ben Noakes

15 Trevor Oliver

16 Alex Hutchins

17 Brendan Hancock

18 Ben Stratton

19 David Dawes

20 Mark Hutchings

21 Hamish Shepheard

22 Luke Sampey

23 Michael Robinson

24 Mathew Johnston

25 Brendan Lee

26 Jon Eastwell

27 Zach Clarke

28 Tom Howlett

29 Mitch Duncan

30 Danny Byrne

21 Brett Dobson

32 Ben McKinley

2014-2017 Jajas Collectables Legends of the West Cards

In 2014, Jajas Collectables produced its first "Legends Of The West" cards, which were designed to be sold at the APCS collectables fair held in Perth that year. The cards were all to be signed by the players involved, who appeared at the show. In the years that followed, Jajas released further cards in the series. Although the APCS show has not visited Perth since 2017, Jajas has continued releasing occasional cards in the "Legends Of The West" series. The cards generally cost between $30 and $50 apiece, when sold at the show.

LW1 Peter Spencer

LW2 Graham Farmer

LW4 Barry Cable

LW5 Ross Glendinning

LW6 Graham Moss

LW7 Dean Cox

LW8 Dean Cox

LW9 Glen Jakovich

2016 Perth Football Club Cards

This set of seven cards came from nowhere when it was released by Perth Football Club in 2016. It was not particularly well publicised and, before most collectors even knew of its existence, they had sold out. The Tropiano card became particularly difficult to find. The cards could be purchased separately from the merchandise stall on match days, as well as the administration office during the week, and cost just 50c each.

04 Aidan Tropiano

06 Brett Wolfenden

14 Dene White

16 Michael Sinclair

17 Liam McKenna

31 Jared Bell

36 Cody Leggett

2017 Loton's Club Raffle Cards

East Perth's coterie group, Loton's, sold raffle tickets in 2017 that featured players and logos and are considered by many collectors to be cards. The tickets were only on offer at home games and depicted players from both the current team and the Royals' history. There were three different tickets on offer at each game from Round 11 onwards.

Round 11 Kyle Anderson

Round 11 Stephen Curtis

Round 11 EP & WP Logos

Round 13 Will Maginness

Round 13 David Swan

Round 13 EP & S Logos

Round 15 Nathan Blee

Round 15 George Giannakis

Round 15 EP & EF Logos

Round 17 Patrick McGinnity

Round 17 Sydney Jackson

Round 17 EP & PT Logos

Round 21 Callum Hart

Round 21 Ken McAullay

Round 21 EP & SD Logos

Round 23 Shayne Hille 

Round 23 Craig Glancy

Round 23 EP & S Logos

2017 Regal Trading Cards Greats of the Game 

Regal Trading Cards released a ground-breaking series of trading cards in 2018, featuring past greats of the game. And there were WAFL players among them. But it's somewhat difficult to determine which cards in this set are WAFL cards and which aren't because many of the players played both in the WAFL and the AFL and the cards feature black-and-white photographs. There are 12 cards in the set that are undoubtedly WAFL cards, and they are listed below. But there are others that appear to depict players who played in the WAFL at some point in their career. Steve Malaxos appears on one card in an East Fremantle jumper and, on another, he is wearing an Eagles jumper. Only the card in which he wore an East Fremantle jumper is included below. The cards were expensive, costing $140 for a packet of five.

GOTG-BP - Brian Peake (EF)
GOTG-JM - Jimmy Melbourne (WP)
GOTG-JT - John Todd (SF)
GOTGG-BP - Brian Peake Gold Parallel (EF)
GOTG-JM - Jimmy Melbourne Gold Parallel (EF)
GOTG-JT - John Todd Gold Parallel (SF)
GN-SM - Steve Malaxos Golden Numbers (EF)
GN-BP Brian Peake Golden Numbers Signature (EF)
ENS-BW - Bill Walker Enshrinements Signature (SD)
ENS-BP - Brian Peake Enshrinements Signature (EF)
ENS-JT - John Todd Enshrinements Signature (SF)
GOTG-BW Bill Walker (SD)

2018 East Perth 1978 Premiership Reunion Cards 

This set of 22 cards was produced by the Loton's Club, which is a coterie group of East Perth Football Club, both as part of the group's fundraising efforts and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Royals' famous 1978 premiership.

01 Team List

02 Chris Allen

03 Paul Arnold

04 Kevin Bryant

05 Barry Cable

06 Stephen Curtis

07 Rod Duggan

08 Wayne Duke

09 Craig Earnshaw

10 Alex Hamilton

11 John Hayes

12 Phil Kelly
13 Larry Kickett
14 John McGuire
15 George Michalczyk
16 Ian Miller
17 Wayne Otway
18 Mick Ray
19 Glenn Robertson
20 Bradley Smith
21 Greg Walsh
22 Team Line-up

2018 Loton's Club Raffle Cards

After selling raffle tickets featuring players' photos in 2017, Loton's Club was at it again in 2018. Again, they could only be purchased at East Perth home games and there were three different tickets on offer at each game, featuring both past and present players and club logos.

Round 1 Nathan Blee

Round 1 David Bain, Craig Starcevich & Brett Stephens

Round 1 EP & S Logos

Round 3 Julian Ameduri

Round 3 John Scott

Round 3 EP & WP Logos

Round 5 Jackson Ramsay

Round 5 Troy Butcher

Round 5 EP & PT Logos

Round 7 Kyle Anderson

Round 7 Ben McKinley

Round 7 EP & SF Logos

Round 8 Stan Wright

Round 8 Archie Duda

Round 8 EP & SD Logos

Round 11 Ben Miller

Round 11 Gary Malarkey

Round 11 EP & S Logos

Round 12 Mitch Fraser

Round 12 Michael Swan

Round 12 EP & C Logos

Round 17 Tom Gorter

Round 17 Paul Seal

Round 17 EP & P Logos

Round 19 Callum Hart

Round 19 Barry Cable

Round 19 EP & EF Logos

Round 20 Patrick McGinnity

Round 20 Ted Kilmurray

Round 20 EP & WP Logos

2018-2019 East Perth Hall of Fame Cards

Along with the premiership reunion cards released in 2018 and 2019, the Loton's Club released limited numbers of signed cards. Two cards were produced in 2018, but only 25 of each were released. They cost $50 apiece. In 2019, one card was released, featuring Jack Sheedy. It cost $100. 

2018 Stephen Curtis
2018 Bradley Smith
2019 Jack Sheedy

2019 East Perth 1956, 1958 & 1959 Premiership Reunion Cards  

These cards were again produced by the Lotons Club, this time to celebrate the Royals' 1950s premierships. All players who won a flag with East Perth in 1956, 1958 or 1959 feature on their own card and there are 36 cards in the set.

01 Team List

02 Mal Atwell

03 Tony Bellos

04 Ron Brown

05 Ned Bull

06 Bevan Byrne

07 Peter Cook

08 Kevin Crowd

09 Gordon Earnshaw

10 Tom Everett

11 Graham Farmer

12 Ray Giblett

13 Dino Guerinoni

14 Ken Haley

15 Reg Hall

16 Neil Hawke

17 Jack Hunt

18 Laurie Kennedy

19 Ted Kilmurray

20 Don Langdon

21 Terry Lavater

22 Kevin McGill

23 Bill Mose

24 Roy Powell

25 Brian Ray

26 Billy Roe

27 Ray Rowles

28 Paul Seal

29 Jack Sheedy

30 Charlie Walker

31 Jim Washbourne

32 John Watts

33 Ray Webster

34 1956 East Perth v South Fremantle Card

35 1958 East Perth v East Fremantle Card

36 1959 East Perth v Subiaco Card

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